Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New art show - "I Wish I Could"

Here are some pictures of the show "I wish I could" that I did in conjunction with Stephanie Brachmann and installed the last week of June at the Emerson Space Case in NE Portland.

The previous month we went around and asked people from our community to anonymously finish the sentence "I wish I could..." and put it in the box. The pieces in the show incorporate every single answer we got.

Stephanie and I each did three linoleum cuts of different hands for the prints. She executed her master printing skills for this project and I exercised my much underused cursive skills for the lettering. I actually don't think I've written in cursive since middle school until last month, but now that I have a bunch of fancy pens and ink I'll have to put them to some good use. Maybe finally get around to writing that novel... Anyway, here are a few of my favorite pieces from the show.

The show will be up until July 25th, 2009. The Emerson Space Case is located at the corner of NE Emerson and NE 30th in Portland, OR, 2 blocks north of Alberta.

Now, for some much needed rest.