Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yesterday (chops chops)

So, this is kinda what I looked like yesterday. I always like to shave my beard off in stages before taking the whole thing off and starting from scratch. I'm growing tired of this though and will probably be entering mustache town soon. I forgot how much I like working just in pen.

I've also been feeling a little negligent with the blog. Only 38 posts this year and it's already April? Pretty pathetic for something called "Sketch a Day." I'll try harder folks. Bear with me. Until I have a bare face that is. Then do whatever you want.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Capybara Birthday

I love when birthdays roll around because it gives me a chance to make a nonsensical card, usually involving an animal. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday and last night we went out to celebrate with some raucous and rambunctious karaoke, where I presented him with this:

One of my favorite animals, the capybara (world's largest rodent), wearing a fez. Nothing says 31 like a capybara donning a fez, am I right people?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mental Health

I recently got to do another illustration for the Portland Mercury for an article about the mental health system here in Portland. I'm also very excited that they've switched me over from design intern to illustration intern, which means I'll be doing these somewhat regularly. I'm still working way too long on them, but I'm working on ways to cut down the time. Can you blame me for wanting them to be perfect? Here's the black and white version that appeared in the printed issue yesterday:

I'm more partial to the color one that appeared in the online version which can be seen below or by clicking the link above:

I felt way more confident about this one than the last, and had a great time doing it. I wonder what the next one will be?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arty Party

Here's a little doodle I did at the Wednesday night "Arty Party" at Project Grow, on N. Williams. People getting together and working on creative projects, sharing resources, and listening to music. Not too shabby.

As you can see I'm not too great at drawing from my mind.