Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Horrible Mustache Experiment #5

Here's an experiment I did to see how well I could draw in sharpie. I think it's okay for an outline, but the trouble is most colors that sharpie comes in are horribly ugly. I'm planning on doing something more extravagant with this picture so you may see it again.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gang Gang Sketch

September 3rd launched the TBA (time based art) festival in Portland, OR and as their kickoff Gang Gang Dance played a free show. The festival was held in a converted high school that had been abandoned since 1981; with every facet and room turned into an art display of some kind. The concert was in the old auditorium and in attendance was, what seemed to be, every twenty something year old in Portland. I did my best to get a few sketches in, but it was difficult with everyone jumping and dancing in front of me, however I did pioneer the new drawing style of "dance-sketching." It was a really fun time and ended how all good times should end- with cheap Mexican food (this time it was burritos from the vegan taco truck).

Here's a video I found of the end of the show where the audience stormed the stage and turned it into a dance party.