Friday, September 18, 2009

Weary Spangler

Another doodle from work for you today. This is another of the few drawings I've posted on here that is not from real life. I wasn't sure what sort of hair to give him, but when in doubt use Egon Spangler's hair from The REAL Ghostbusters, that's what I always say at least. I think it's pretty evident in this drawing that I've been reading the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books. Kevin O'Neill's drawing style seems to have rubbed off on me a bit. The Black Dossier was a bit dense, but still enjoyable in my opinion, and the last chapter was rendered beautifully in red and blue 3-D. Luckily Stephanie had a pair of old school glasses lying around so I could really appreciate the depth and work that went into it. It also gave me an amazing idea (that has probably been done before): 3-D tattoos!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last month was my Grandfather's 89th birthday. He's been an avid stamp collector his whole life, even going as far to keep up stamp collection's for his sons and grandchildren who don't care at all, so I figured it was about time he was on a stamp. I'm pretty sure he'll appreciate this card, even though it's a month late.