Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horrible Mustache Experiment #3?

I know some of you are familiar with my "Horrible Mustache Experiment" series, but for those who aren't I will quickly sum up. In winter of 2006 I did a portrait of a friend which pictured him with a rather unflattering mustache. From then on I decided to do a whole series of "mustache experiments" but I've been painfully slow at getting it together. Well today I decided to try and complete one. This came out of experimenting with using colored pencils on colored construction paper. Without further ado I give you my sketch test, mustache experiment #3, and the original.

If any of you know someone who would like to be a candidate for a mustache experiment portrait please contact me or send a suitably disastrous picture to

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tucson, AZ

Well it's been several days since I posted anything but don't think that's because I haven't been drawing. I HAVE. I've just been lazy about posting, there's a difference.

Now as an unemployed young man I have a lot of time on my hands which allows me to think about things endlessly and to myself. One thing that I've decided is that I'm a tad bored with the doing entirely two dimensional art. I still love drawing, but I've been feeling so confined by the page and the computer these days, making sure all my work is clean and pristine that it's been kind of driving me crazy. We're lucky to live in a world with digital cameras so we can document anything we do immediately and transform and combine mediums. A show flier doesn't have to be created in photoshop or drawn by hand. The information can be painted and then arranged and lit in a multitude of ways. You could razor the information into some poor soul's scalp and then take a picture of that if you wanted to. I want to work with my hands more, I want to think outside the box. Art shouldn't necessarily be pretty and pleasant- it should disturb, inspire, invoke, excite. I guess I'm just not excited about doing the same kind of art that I've been doing. I need to branch out- which means my work will probably become sloppier, but hopefully it will also be more dynamic, more interesting, and more fun.

Here's the first stab at something different that will hopefully be the first of many.