Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thwarted already....

Well, that didn't take too long, but I have good cause. After setting up this blog and getting geared to start some serious daily drawing lo and behold - My computer was stolen. This has been demoralizing for a plethora of reasons but I'm happy to say there is a small chance I might get it back. Wheels are in motion. Gears are turning. Hamsters are exercising. I'll explain more later when I feel it's safe.

The "How?" of my computer getting stolen is truly a sad tail. On thanksgiving day I brought my computer down into the kitchen to assist me with my preparation of awesome veggie stuffing. I left the house around 2 pm and didn't think to move my computer back into my room from the kitchen. (What would I have to worry about?) The following morning when I returned to my house, full and rested with only an hour to go before my shift at Powell's for Black Friday, I discovered my computer gone. After questioning my room mates one of them told me they had come home the previous night to find the back door wide open. It seems that someone noticed no one was home, tried all the doors, possibly found the back door unlocked, and came in to find my computer in wait for them. I filed a police report, etc... but what I'm really bummed about is losing all of the photos and files that I hadn't backed up over the years. It really is a travesty and I'm trying my best not to blame myself or let it color my opinion of Portland. Portland did not steal my laptop. Some insensitive junkie (maybe) stole my laptop. Anyhow, we're all being a little more cautious around here and steps have been made to borrow a laptop in the mean time for my daily use.

That being said I will continue to draw and will hopefully be able to upload something to this blog one day. I'm currently working on a flyer for a show on January 9th. More news on that as it comes. Here's something to keep up the suspense:

"Lady Hippo"

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