Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After much toiling and troubling I've finally finished the wedding invitation that I've eluded to in so many posts. I was initially nervous about taking on the task since a Wedding invite obviously has a lot more weight attached to it than a show flier, but the bride had a pretty clear image of what she wanted and that help tremendously. I'm actually not used to looking at it as a whole since I've been cleaning it up in photoshop on such a minute scale for the past month, but I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the outcome. It's more or less exactly as I envisioned the final product. I'd never really thought about doing anything as formal as this, but more and more people from my generation are getting married these days and unique invitation designs are definitely sought after. It's definitely something I should put some thought into.

*Sigh*... and much as it pains me to say, considering how much work went into it, I kind of like the silhouetted version better. What do you think? I guess I could always make a flashing GIF file.


Derek said...

Awesome! It really turned out great... I like the top version better, personally.

Heumann said...

Hey Ilan, this is Josh. I turn my back on you for eight or ten years and you invade my hometown and turn out to be a kick-ass artist. Cool.

That's pretty amazing. I like the sparseness of the second version, but it seems like some of the detail of the top could be retained. Maybe a bit of the tree? I'm not sure.

Both are pretty fantastic, though.

Allison said...

nice job! the silhouette doesn't maintan enough detail to work i don't think. the top one is great.

Ilan S. said...

Thanks guys. All that hard work is starting to pay off ... i guess. The top one is the version that's actually going to be used. I just posted the silhouette version because I thought it looked cool.

And Josh, thanks for reading and the compliments. Are you planning on visiting Portland anytime soon?

Heumann said...

Soon is a loaded word. Let's say, eventually. I'm just starting a new job here in Melbourne, and the earliest I'll be able to make it back will probably be in the fall.

That said, I'm dying to see Portland again after two years away. Reading your posts about Pix and Ainsworth sure takes me back.

chelle marie said...

I like the top one too, I think it's great as is. What a coincidence they're getting married on Matrimony Drive.

Peter said...

Stumbled across this site while looking for examples of sketches.

Just another vote for the top non-silhouetted one. It's a great wedding invitation. A lot of personality and very well done. Makes the occasion seem special instead of just another standard looking calligraphy invitation.