Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horrible Mustache Experiment #3?

I know some of you are familiar with my "Horrible Mustache Experiment" series, but for those who aren't I will quickly sum up. In winter of 2006 I did a portrait of a friend which pictured him with a rather unflattering mustache. From then on I decided to do a whole series of "mustache experiments" but I've been painfully slow at getting it together. Well today I decided to try and complete one. This came out of experimenting with using colored pencils on colored construction paper. Without further ado I give you my sketch test, mustache experiment #3, and the original.

If any of you know someone who would like to be a candidate for a mustache experiment portrait please contact me or send a suitably disastrous picture to


Panch said...

Gorgeous! That Sam sketch always reminded me of Medusa's man servant on "The Rescuers."

Lily said...

I nominate Danny!