Sunday, April 26, 2009

Photos are a good source for inspiration ....

which is somewhat obvious, but I'm glad that I'm getting some use out of the hundreds of photos I took during my travels last year. Ornate historic buildings and museum exhibitions don't make for very engaging pictures after the fact, but can be quite useful as source photos for drawings. Such as the magnificent beast you see below. Do not be alarmed, for this creature is not alive. Nor was it when I photographed it. This ferocious creature resides at the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest and proved to be a great model and helped to fuel my recent fascination with BEARS.

The museum also held many "non-bear" related wonders including a mummified baby mammoth that was recently discovered and on display. For some reason they felt part of the mammoth should be displayed in jars. Apparently the Hungarian government has a much more lenient stance when it comes to kiddie mammoth porn.

And of course what institute of science and history would be complete without a small scale replica of Noah's Ark.


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