Friday, May 8, 2009

The Blogs the Thing!

Everyone's got a blog these days but some are more important than others. Namely the ones by my friends, and one of them got even more important yesterday with the beginning of an exciting new blog crossover in the blogosphere! Anyhow I don't want bog you down with a log of soggy blog details, but if you can check out Chickens Don't Clap! and read up on the latest from Brooklyn-based band The Dirty Projectors, and their collaboration with longtime experimental music vet David Byrne. Chicken's Don't Clap! is an mp3 blog run by longtime friend and San Diego native Derek Emery, and features news and in depth reviews of interesting and often under-the-radar bands.

On a personal note, the new Dirty Projector's album is reallllly good and worth checking out. As is the HIV benefit compilation cd that came out earlier this year "Dark was the Night." Below is the piece included in his review, which I call "The Dirty Byrne."