Saturday, June 20, 2009

Deep within the basement of the Alamo...

In the spirit of list making inspired by my friend Rochelle, here are reasons why it sucks that my bike was stolen:

1. It wasn't my bike. I was borrowing it from my Dad's friend.
2. No more bike.
3. Can no longer show off for Miss Piggy while riding through the park
4. Temporarily suspended from Bike Gang and Bike Gang socials
5. Have to drive more and spend money on gas.
6. Can't participate in Pedalpalooza
7. My cousins family doesn't feel safe since it was stolen from their backyard
8. Can't taunt other kids with the coolness of my bike.
9. Dotty doesn't care for me anymore
10. The possibility of making a dashing and magical escape from government spooks with my alien friend is much slimmer now.

On the upside I have more of a reason to spring for my own bike and customize it in many awesome ways. Next step: procure a shitload of money. Ideas?


chelle marie said...

You can have my bike, but there's a CATCH: you have to come to Boston and be my friend!

Hansel's Gretel said...

A dream book told me that a bike symbolizes emotional balance. I had never had a bike dream before that. And now it works for balance. Cool.

Is Chelle Marie paying your way back to Boston? You can ride home.