Friday, September 18, 2009

Weary Spangler

Another doodle from work for you today. This is another of the few drawings I've posted on here that is not from real life. I wasn't sure what sort of hair to give him, but when in doubt use Egon Spangler's hair from The REAL Ghostbusters, that's what I always say at least. I think it's pretty evident in this drawing that I've been reading the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books. Kevin O'Neill's drawing style seems to have rubbed off on me a bit. The Black Dossier was a bit dense, but still enjoyable in my opinion, and the last chapter was rendered beautifully in red and blue 3-D. Luckily Stephanie had a pair of old school glasses lying around so I could really appreciate the depth and work that went into it. It also gave me an amazing idea (that has probably been done before): 3-D tattoos!

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