Friday, October 30, 2009


Last weekend we went to Seattle to visit some old friends and take a break from our oh so strenuous life in this metropolis we call Portland. I think the highlight was our trip to the Frye museum, which also happens to be free. They have an excellent exhibit right now called "The Old Weird America" which showcases modern work commenting on American folk art, by using imagery and motifs from our Americana past. Here are some pictures of the show. It's definitely worth going to if you find yourself in Seattle or if it travels to a town near you.

The other highlight was probably seeing our friend do stand-up comedy at a lesbian bar under the title "Toots Blogwilde" followed by two bands: Butts and Spurm. The rest of our trip was spent eating delicious homemade food with our hosts Adam, Miles, Evelyn, and Alexis. That's Adam at the top. Thanks for the scavenged mushrooms Adam!

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