Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Admiral Lion

Yes I'm a grown man and this is how I spend my time.

To be honest this is merely a sketch of a greater idea. I'd love to do a series of portraits like this but as realistic oil paintings. Does a monocle make a lion look more evil or just smarter? A little bit of both in my opinion. I definitely see this guy wringing his hands at the thought of his most recent capture. Any animal/career archetypes you'd like to see happen?


Heumann said...

An ostrich train conductor?
A lorakeet in an old-school scuba diving suit?
A cheetah with a racing helmet?

Ilan S. said...

These are all good ideas though I think I'll trade the Lorikeet in an old school scuba diving suit for a meerkat in a vintage swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

i'm dying over here

chelle marie said...

If you ever go to the dessert place in North Park at University and 30th, they have an amazing painting of a tiger businessman.

I would like to see a rabbit professor.