Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

Well it's 2010 and as I mentioned previously I'm going to stop attempting to post a sketch every day. Please, DO NOT BE ALARMED. I still have every intention of posting my drawings as often as I can, but this time it's just going to be the cream of the crop. I'll also be posting more pictures of non drawing related but otherwise creative projects. I'm currently working on binding my own sketchbook made out of construction paper, as well as mounting an antler onto a piece of wood that Stephanie gave me as a gift. These should be finished and blogged about shortly.

You're probably wondering what this new development might mean for the title of the blog. GOOD QUESTION. The title of the blog will remain the same. Instead of being a literal title, it will now refer to the idea that (and forgive the cliche') a sketch a day will "keep the doctor away." This happens to be true in my case since drawing often helps me keep a hold of my sanity. Which brings me to today's post. After seeing the stop motion film Fantastic Mr. Fox Stephanie wondered to herself what it might be like to be a fox and live in a tree. Well as a gift I decided to try and illustrate what that might actually look like. This drawing is based on aspects of our house as well as various elements of her wardrobe.





And a few details:

I should probably point out that we're both pretty jealous of this fox and her tree house and this drawing kind of pisses us off. *sigh*

Happy New Year!