Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old Man Giraffe

Despite what you might think, this guy wouldn't stick his neck out for anyone.

I felt a little ripped off by my previous Giraffe sketch because I didn't get to draw it's head so I'm making up for it in this one. The shape of the head has so many different rises and shadows that make it a pleasure to draw. Not to mention trying to capture the texture of it's skin. Here are some fun facts about Giraffes that I learned from my Flickr group. (thanks Kaitlin)

1. Giraffes have no voice box. How do they recite poetry to one another and complain about the temperature of their soup in restaurants? This is one of life's ongoing mysteries.

2. Giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as humans, only theirs are just way bigger. We're talking huge.

UPDATE: Now for sale at my Etsy store!


Heumann said...

This is pretty freaking rad.

Ilan S. said...

Thanks Josh!

judy bawls said...

Giraffes think they're so freakin hoity-toity dignified. Well screw them. My dad calls them jeer-aff-ess and he's very excited to go look at them whenever we're at the zoo. It's the best.

Lannice L. Montague said...

holy crap! this giraffe is so adorable! awww look at that stache! PERFECT!