Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Meet me by the statue of the man on a horse..."

I met Hanna in Vienna, Austria two years ago through the magic of After maneuvering through a confusing meet-up point set by me (turns out there are dozens of horse statues in Vienna), Hanna took my friends and I around the city and showed us around. I saw a photograph of her on a certain social networking site that will go unnamed, and thought it was good enough to draw. It reminded me of Egon Schielle meets David Bowie. Unfortunately I can't find the name of the original photographer, but perhaps Hanna will see this and enlighten all of us. My favorite part is the limited color palette and how they work together.

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Anonymous said...

the photographer was a friend of mine, Julia Rupertsberger :) the editing was done by me.

and btw - very well done! it looks great!