Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Secret Agent Bear

A few months ago I was hired to illustrate a children's book for a local publishing company, but for a variety of reasons the project fell through. The book would have featured 20 brand new animal portraits, and in the course of development only one was worked on which I've been sitting on, UNTIL NOW!

Here's a sketch I did for the Grizzly Bear. Don't be fooled by his cuddly exterior. He has honey tipped poison darts, and god help you if you ever find yourself in one of his dreaded Bear Hugs. The air in your lungs gets pushed out so quickly it feels like your soul is escaping your body . . . or so they say.


mork the delayer said...

I like the idea of the book, sorry it fell through.

The bear is great. I particularly like the lips and the eyes.

Ilan S. said...

Thanks, Mr. The Delayer! Tis too bad about the book, but I'm confidant there will be a book of my work available in some form someday. Keep the faith!

B. Meandering said...

I found my way here via Nancemarie's "Short List."
When I buy a book for my grandchildren, the illustrations play a huge part in the decision. The verse/prose/story--whatever has to be good, but the illustrations have to 'draw me in' or I put the book back down.

I like your bear here. I esp. like the way the tux emphasizes broad shoulders, the look in the uncovered eye and what appears to be an arched brow over the patch.
He's definitely someone you don't want to mess with. I hope you can use him in a future book. Great illustration!

M.L. Gallagher said...

What a rakish looking fellow! Quit the James Bond look going on.

Luv it!

Found you via nancemarie's short list.

Glad I did!

Happy New Year!

Ilan S. said...

Thanks a lot, B and M.L.! That was nice of nancemarie to spread the word. I hope you guys will come and check in again sometime. Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Great drawing! I love it.. found it via google.

I use it as a profilepicture on Facebook, i hope you don't mind

Would like to know moore about the bear and how you got the idea for it, and the eyepatch... Cool!

Ilan S. said...

Thanks "Anonymous"!

I don't mind if you use it for your profile pic, just please include a link back to my website. ( Thanks!