Monday, March 14, 2011

Of Coats and Wood

My new house is great and all, but being small and cheap there are a few things that one might expect to find in a house that is curiously absent from mine. One of those things is a linen closet or any kind of real storage in the bathroom. Another is a coat closet. Finally tired of seeing my coats all over the leaving room, draped across the backs of chairs and couches, I decided to do something about it. As much as I like feeling like a detective, hanging my coat and hat on a freestanding coat-rack as I enter my house, we really just don't have the room for it. So hanging one on the wall was the only option left. You can attach hooks to anything and have a functioning coat rack so I thought it would be cool to find a rustic tree round, polish it up, and use that as my base. Luckily I volunteer at SCRAP and the perfect piece fell right in my lap.

All I really had to do from there was sand it down and measure out where I wanted the hangers to go. The outer two I picked up at a local hardware store, and the middle one I found at the awesome consignment store ReRun for a buck. After that it was a simple matter of anchoring it into the wall with some plastic anchors and putting it up.

See, it works!

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