Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visiting Artist

Back in February I got to be the visiting artist at the Campfire USA after school program for Kindergardeners and 1st graders. You may have seen the awesome art installation they did for the Emerson Space Case earlier this year. Of course all of this was coordinated by their lovely teacher, Stephanie.

We began the presentation by showing them examples of my art and talking about my process. We then had a quick Q and A session (very funny with 5 year olds) and moved on to the best part. An activity that Stephanie and I prepared for them.

As you can see we each drew a framed headless torso and made tons of copies of them, leaving it to the kids to fill in the head of their favorite animal. I was really excited to see what they would come up with, and the kids did not disappoint. Here are some examples.

And of course Stephanie and I wanted to get in on the fun too. If you want to make your own just open up the headless templates in a new window and print or save to your computer. I'll post up any that get sent to me on the blog.

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