Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This wasn't the face that I made when I found out my backpack had been stolen out of my car last Thursday, but it sure could have been. As some of you know I've been in a bit of a funk the last week due to this theft which included both of my primary sketchbooks, art materials, one of a kind reference photos, post cards, my ipod and headphones, and a library book of the adventures of Baron Munchausen. I'm feeling a bit better than I did and making a real effort to stay on the positive side of things. Here's a list of positive things to come out of this situation:

1. While my stuff was being stolen I was seeing an awesome concert. The thief did not get to see this concert, therefore is eternally bummed.
2. Since I post everything on this blog there's only a handful of drawings I hadn't scanned yet, so at least I still have a record of the images lost. (though I am sad I won't get to share the ones I was working on with you folks)
3. I'll have to get a new ipod which will most likely be infinitely superior to my old one. Joke's on you thief!
4. Maybe the thief will be turned on to some awesome music from my ipod which will change him forever.
5. It's always nice to be reminded the uncertainty of life and to not put too much importance on possessions, even artwork. There will be many more drawings in my lifetime no doubt, even better than the ones I lost.

The worst part is just that feeling of violation. The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, and all those lingering questions. When exactly did he take it? Where is my stuff now? If I had parked on a different street would it still have happened?

Well, enough dwelling on it. Time to move on to BIGGER and BETTER things!


Anonymous said...

sad news.

Robert said...

It truly is the "being violated" aspect that hurts the most. One step further: the thief never deserves to own what was taken in this way, he/she is not worthy of having the things that mean a lot more to the true owner. To the person who has been violated, it is always an opportunity to learn to let go, ultimately getting better at what George Harrison called "the art of dying". So go my meditations on the subject this evening. Sorry llan for your loss. - Your Dad, Bob