Monday, June 13, 2011

Dangerous Art Show

I helped Stephanie put together this flyer for a group art show we're putting on at the Emerson Space Case. We're looking for all kinds of art so please submit if you can! If you live in a different city there's still plenty of time to mail your art to us. Inquire for address via email please.

For more information as to WHY? we're putting a Michael Jackson inspired art show check out the Emerson Space Case blog.

ALSO there's a few new things to share with you. A Sketch A Day is now more technologically friendly! It has been optimized for maximum viewing on the mobile device of your choice, and it now has it's very own facebook page. Search for "A Sketch A Day: Art by Ilan Schraer" on facebook or click the LIKE button in the column to the right of the screen! I'll be posting updates, photos, and links to all the projects I'm working on right now, as well as links to other cool art blogs and things of interest.

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