Friday, February 13, 2009

Old World Correspondance

I decided to cheat a little bit and post something from this past summer. This is the inside of a letter I illustrated in the style of an old nautical map. I did a bit of research for this one using the ole' interwebs to find authentic looking Maritime illustrations and I combined the elements that I liked into the drawing below. If you click on the tiny image below it will take you to a much larger one. This is encouraged by management.

I really like this style and wish it wasn't so time consuming, otherwise I would probably draw in it more frequently. It would be more apt for an etching so that multiple copies could be made and sold as individual greeting or post cards.

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Hansel's Gretel said...

I love this. It look like an editorial cartoon in an old newspaper. But since this was not a current work, you lose 5 points. I am terribly sorry, but we must maintain order.