Sunday, September 6, 2009

Customer sneak sketch + Partially blind contour = today's post

Something I've grown to realize about myself artistically is that I have considerable trouble drawing things that don't look exactly as they are right in front of me. Basically I have trouble skewing reality in my drawings, which is ironic because I so often imagine myself apart from this reality. One way I've found around that, however, is to put different obstacles in front of myself such as using a drawing utensil with a far thicker point than I'm used to, or working in a new medium entirely. One tool that I've found I enjoy is drawing something as a partial blind contour and then embellishing upon that drawing once I've got the rough outline done. This provides for a skewed drawing that isn't exactly what I was drawing, but is sometimes even more interesting. Sometimes it will even put emotion into the drawing that I never intended to be there at all. Thus I 'm happy to say that the person depicted in the drawing above looks almost nothing like that in real life.

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