Saturday, September 5, 2009

This is what I do at work: Part II

Okay, forget everything I said before. There is no more sketching at work. Who could find the time? Between customers looking at me like I'm an idiot for even offering them the option of "bag or no bag" (yes I'm fully aware that it's goddamn raining outside), and people sending their five year old up to the counter to empty out pockets of change for me to count up because they think it's cute, I've had no time to draw anything at work today.

However, I did draw a few things last weekend. Here are some silly additions made to the store map made by myself and my coworker Brendan Jones, author of the brilliant web comic Breakfast of the Gods. Obviously these drawings are far beneath his talent, so make sure to check out his comic and maybe buy a t-shirt while you're at it!

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