Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A is for Arthur

Well it's finally happened. My computer has shut down on me and refuses to restart long enough for me to even retrieve my library cd that's still in the drive. While I work out schemes to get a new computer/fix my old one The Nimble Owl has graciously allowed me to use her computer for all my blogging and hulu watching needs.

I've been slacking a bit recently on the blogging, but only because I've been working on some more time intensive projects as well as dealing with my broken computer. Here's a sketch I whipped up that may turn into something more polished. I actually originally intended for poor Arthur's head to be in frame, if you can believe that. Now to enjoy the last bit of this ever fading sunlight. Brief but oh so wondrous.


Heumann said...

I love this. Does the "A is for" indicate that there's a whole alphabet coming?

Ilan S. said...

Ha! I wish I had the time for that. Though I think an alphabet book of animals categorized by first names would be confusing for children. Don't you think?