Monday, March 29, 2010

Long Pose #1

Last Sunday I went back to PNCA for a "long pose" session. One pose for three hours. The instructor had the model pose with high heels and black stockings, and couldn't say enough good things about the pose. I felt differently. I don't think this pose was dynamic enough for a three hour session, and I had trouble getting into a groove because of it. I found a pad of colored charcoal paper at the Bins and used that for this drawing, experimenting with pen and colored pencil. Obviously I was having a hard time with the face so just pretend that part isn't there. Tomorrow's drawing is a more traditional approach than this, but I think the color is a nice touch.

I've also noticed that I like the combination of yellow, turquoise blue, and pink/purple. I wonder when that started.


Panch said...

Actually, I think this is my favorite of all your nudes. And its her face that captures me. She's not pretty. Prince and the nude stocking woman on layaway for Ms. Lee, please.

Ilan S. said...

You got it Ms. Lee. Holla when you're ready for them.