Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Behold! The Brontops!

I present to you one of the hosts of the Brontops and Moschops Morning talk show. I've always been a fan of this prehistoric relative to the rhinoceros, and when I came across an illustration of him in an old Life book about the history of life on Earth I had to give it a go for myself. This was drawn on my new sketchbook that I made myself out of colored construction paper and a file folder. White colored pencil on black paper.

Many props go to Antonio Petruccelli, the original illustrator of this guy. Old science illustrators had the awesome job of visualizing prehistoric creatures based on their skeletons and then drawing them doing things in their natural habitat. How does one get that job? I suppose these days it's all in CG.

Probably my favorite of these artists is Charles R. Knight (1874-1953). He was one of the pioneers of prehistoric re-creation and has developed some of the most influential images of dinosaurs and early mammals. Now I'm off to OMSI so hopefully I'll have some cool science museum sketches to post later this week. I've included several of Knight's paintings after the jump so you can get an idea of how awesome he is. Check it out.


Don said...

Love iiiiit! Might I suggest Baluchitherium as a worthy subject. It was the largest mammal EVER!

Ilan S. said...

Thanks Don! Whoa that Baluchitherium looks intense. Wouldn't want a herd of those guys walking down my block.