Monday, April 19, 2010


Three people I know are moving to New York next month and it's really making me want to go there, if for nothing more than a visit. This guy is one of them, Steve. He's a bartender at Vesuvio in San Francisco so make sure to say goodbye to him before he leaves for the big apple.

In other exciting news I'm doing an art installation at the Emerson Space Case in NE Portland for next month and we're going to have an opening on last Thursday (the 29th) so make sure to come out for it. If any of my out of town friends want to come up for a visit, now might be the time. I'll even give you a special thanks in the notes for the piece. More information and pics of that installation will come in the next few weeks.

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Rosanna said...

Im officially offended. Im moving and I see no drawing of me or my likeness. Im still waiting for my birthday drawing. FAIL.

ps. who else is moving?