Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dr. Stranglove or How I learned to stop worrying and make a tentacle out of papier mache'

In this blog you'll learn how I made the tentacle for my Sea Cave installation. First you start with a wire frame as a base, and tape tiny circles created from cardboard of varying size to the frame. This is time consuming.

When finished create your papier mache' out of water, flour, and salt. Instructions can be found on the internet. Using thin strips of newspaper soaked in papier mache' proceed to cover entire form. If you have the energy you can wad newspaper around each individual sucker for a more realistic look. I recommend watching TV on DVD while you do this as it is quite time consuming and tedious. Freaks and Geeks and Seinfeld are both good options.

Finally, paint it. You might want to start with a solid color base (such as white) in order to cover up all the newspaper text, and then add whatever detail you like. Then proceed to take nerdy pictures of yourself with your creation.

The state of my living room the week of my installation.

Be careful. Soon you'll realize that with enough wire and papier mache' you can create anything you want, transforming your normal everyday life into a veritable freakshow of terrible horrors. A perversion of everything we hold sacred as a species!

Or maybe that's your thing? If it is, go for it.


mork the delayer said...

I love the color contrast of the yellow light and blue tentacle suckers on that second to last photo.

Also I like the new living room organization.

Ilan S. said...

Thanks. We're pretty fond of the new arrangement ourselves. You guys'll have to come down one more time before you leave to see it yourself. Yes, it's worth it.

AARON and KATE said...

excellentry all around. to save time in your next cardboard-covering stage, check out this awesome new cardboard packing that fits any shape perfectly -

Bob said...

love your place. reminds of our house when you were growing up...

bob near mexico (aka the dad)