Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An unlikely visit.

One morning a pickup truck clacked and crashed its way into the alley behind our house, making a great ruckus. It stopped for a moment and then went on its way. Curious and puzzled, Stephanie and I went to investigate the scene but were stopped in our tracks when we heard a great roar! Frightened as we were, our curiosity got the best of us and we pushed on. Lo and Behold, when we unlatched our back gate what did we see? A baby triceratops staring right back at us! Realizing she was a friendly triceratops, we quickly brought her in for a bowl of oats and a side of pterodactyl bacon. She thanked us but explained that she had to be on her way, as she was searching for the rest of her kind. Her visit was brief, but I managed to make this sketch as a memento of our morning together. Stephanie and her still write to each other every now and then and we're hoping to pay her and her family a visit soon.

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