Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ilan Schraer Illustration

For the last 7 weeks I've been taking an Illustration Fundamentals coarse at PNCA, as part of their continuing education program. The class turned out to be much more focused on the business side of illustration than I anticipated, but I've still been learning some good tips about the illustration world and how to better present myself as a professional. One project we've been working on is developing a "brand logo" for our illustration business.; an iconic image that we can put on business cards, letters, merchendise, etc.. I've already created something like this for my etsy store, but I thought it would be good to have another one for freelance work. Here's an idea that I've been tinkering around with:

I've used the walrus several times in my work so I thought it was a fitting icon, but I'm curious to see what it would look like in watercolor or an ink wash. I'll probably mess around with that a bit later, when I'm not swamped with work. Keep the faith dear readers. Summer WILL come!

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