Friday, May 13, 2011

Mercury is in the Toilet

I got to do another illustration for The Portland Mercury this week! The article is about new bathroom construction in public parks so a toilet in the park seemed the best way to go. Black and white for the printed version and color for the internet.

I was asked to revise my original design because it didn't look enough like a toilet, but I miss the charming eyes and smile of the toilet in the design below. Oh well, that's the illustration business I guess.

Hope everyone enjoyed the splash of nice weather we've been enjoying the past two days, because it looks like it's going to rain again tonight. When is summer coming??


Robert said...

Summer comes when enough Southern Californians visit Oregon to make a critical mass, forcing the clouds to blow away so that the sun can shine! - Bob the Dad of Ilan

Ilan S. said...

OH great. And when is THAT going to be?

everylabel said...

i'd take a dump in that.