Saturday, January 10, 2009

The first rule of Flier Making is you don't talk about Flier Making

So apparently I forgot the first rule of Flier making which is don't forget to include the headliner for the show on the flier. This was a large oversight on my part and one that I wasn't able to rectify immediately since I was in San Francisco for a week, hundreds of miles away from my trusty scanner. The other frustrating thing about shows is that often times the information might change without any warning. For example the band "Lanterns" is no longer playing the January 17th show with Fever Sleeves. However I didn't know this until I had already photoshopped in the headlining band Hialeah. Here you can see both versions of the new and improved flier as well as a bonus one where I played with stretching the font. Which one is better? You be the judge!

Version 2.0

Version 3.0

Version 3.5

It's a tough call in my opinion, but let's just say I'll be very happy to move on to something else. I've got two actual paying projects lined up which is quite exciting. One is a t-shirt design for the San Francisco based band "The Buttercream Gang" and the other is a wedding invitation. These are indeed exciting times.


Derek said...

I think I like 3.5 best... awesome news on the projects lined-up! The Buttercream Gang? That name sets some high hopes for your design.

chelle marie said...

Congrats as well on the projects! Maybe you can eventually work at home... living the dream, as I like to call it.