Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lily, JD, and Mr. Marvelous

Here's my latest portrait from our June Blog Promo. As you can see it's a double portrait of my roommate Lily and her beau JD! To me it kind of looks like a cover for a cheesy horror film and the yellow eyes give Lily a "Thriller" quality.

Also, congratulations to Aaron Greyson from San Diego, CA for winning the facebook competition for best backstory. Check it out below.

"J. Titus Bloemkamp and his trusty sidekick Mr. Marvelous first met on the transoceanic ship, the "Bellerophon," where they spent a choppy winter stowing away below decks beneath sacks of potatoes. Bonding over shared loves of transmogrification and hot apple cider, the curious couple arrived on the blustery shores of northeastern Canada where they invested their remaining guilders in an ill-fated whaling expedition off the coast of Greenland. Penniless and homeless, they made their way into the newly-opened American west where, with Mr. Marvelous' underworld connections, they were able to launch a successful miracle cure business, marketing their products mostly to bored housewives and underage butterflies under the unimaginative brand name "B&M&Sons."

They both died childless; Bloemkamp of dysentery and Mr. Marvelous of a putrified wound sustained in an argument over cards in a Kansas saloon some years later."

Thanks Aaron!

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