Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tyrant Lizard King

As promised, the finished costume:

This is the core of the costume. Just cardboard and masking tape.

I was kind of pressed for time so there were several different ways that I strategically cut corners. My original plan was to paint it realistically and awesome with scales and all, but as it got down to the wire I realized that would take way too long. It turned out looking pretty cool with just the masking tape so I left it at that and painted the eye and nose sockets, and added some green to the teeth. It kind of has an Invisible Man feel, or should I say Invisible T-Rex? (patent pending)

I spent most of the day building up the one side with newspaper and tape and as I was getting to the end I realized I wasn't going to have time to do it to both sides before the party started. Therefore I decided that the left side would stay flat and exhibit an x-ray view of the T-Rex's skull. You might call it a "T-ReX-ray" (patent pending).

And here's how it actually looks on my noggin. The thing was a little front and side heavy so I didn't end up wearing it the whole night, but hey, it was my first ever T-Rex mask! I'm always amazed by how impossible these things seem at first and how easy they turn out to be in the end. All it takes is a bit of time and patience. I think I may end up painting it after all, just as soon as I finish some more time sensitive projects. Happy July!


chelle marie said...

Nice. Don needs one of these. I can't believe that's just masking tape, it looks really nice as is.

Ilan S. said...

Thanks Rochelle. I'll trade you an animal hat for a knit item. Deal?

chelle marie said...

Deal. Lemme think of a good one.