Friday, April 8, 2011

Capybara Birthday

I love when birthdays roll around because it gives me a chance to make a nonsensical card, usually involving an animal. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday and last night we went out to celebrate with some raucous and rambunctious karaoke, where I presented him with this:

One of my favorite animals, the capybara (world's largest rodent), wearing a fez. Nothing says 31 like a capybara donning a fez, am I right people?


Lannice L. Montague said...

ha! so darling! i really want to use this on a card for Andy. how do i get the artist's permission? :)

Ilan S. said...

You have to ask via snail mail, darling. Expect a reply in 6-8 weeks.

Stephen Downes said...

This design combines two of my favourite things - a capybara and a fez! I would love to see this on a T-shirt or even some gift cards.